Monday, November 29, 2010

Let's Eliminate Laundry!

So when i finally sat myself down at the lab today to work on my blogs I thought of things that recently grind my gears. Driving in poor weather conditions and icy roads came to my mind but then i though what relates to me even more? What would make my life one hundred percent better? Well that's none other than diminishing the task of laundry.

Coming from a large family of 6, I know laundry to be never ending. Living at home, it is one of my many responsibilities to insure that the laundry gets done, and having five women in our family with outfit a.d.d. it's not an easy task. After completing all the laundry on Saturday, it was extremely frustrating to come home from a long shift at Michael's to find a mountain of clothed in the shoot. Laundry is time consuming and a task I do detest.

I thought of the slide Abbi showed my section before the power went out about the building that had paint that allowed it to cleaned itself, and i wondered how easy life would be for many if we could somehow harness that ingenious, natural, biological technology and apply that to the fibers in our clothing, also insuring that it be wrinkle proof (ironing is bad!!) and odor proof (body odor is disgusting)

Not only would it save time, but the cost of detergent and dryer tissues and water as well as water conservation.

Science, lets make it happen, let's eliminate laundry!


Madeline Harr


  1. Again Brain........ what point is she making that's good?

  2. Honestly, Maddie, this is a REALLY awesome idea! Never having to do laundry again because of biomimicry would be amazing. We should team up and make this happen some day soon.

  3. Dearest Vanessa,