Sunday, November 21, 2010

Yves Klein - Walker Assignment

Yves Klein
"Le Rose du Bleu" (The pink of the blue)
Dry pigment, synthetic resin, on natural sponges, pebbles and wood.

I see a very rough texture that is created by the use of pebbles and large bumps caused by the sponges. It is a striking pink maroon color.
It reminds me of boils, or some sort of allergic reaction. Sponges always remind me of cleaning. The pink maroon color is unsettling because I want it to be either red or pink.
What is the reason for the sponges? Why is this one not blue like the rest of his work? Why, in general?
As for content, I'm not really sure. I think I need to delve deeper into the world of Yves Klein first, before I can understand content.

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  1. group review:
    - texture
    - texture from color: the crators in the piece - the form affects the color
    how color makes texture?
    - gold in the work?
    - coral reife
    - boils on the skin
    - small pocks
    - if this was the 1980's = Aids
    if now = anthrax, cancer.....
    stem cells?

    what we know
    - pigment
    - pooling
    texture affects color

    what we don't know?

    - why pink - not his favorite blue
    did he also invent the pink?
    - where was it i the history of work?
    -why did he die?
    - what does it smell like?
    - taste?
    - was this ment to touch?