Sunday, November 21, 2010

A popular thought

It's a Scary thought to think about what the future holds, in ten years time where will you be? Hopefully, I will be working somewhere as cool as Popular Front. Located in Minneapolis, Popular Front is 'a full service agency with a digital core'.
Popular Front is several different kinds of cool; first off they are housed in an old warehouse that was renovated to be fit for an office space, but we're not talking endless cubicles and no windows office space here, Popular Fronts building is every part a work of art as the webpages they create. When we visited Popular Front, we only met two people from their staff but it was enough meeting them and touring the offices to know that this was a company that cared about the creative character of their employees. Working at Popular front would not only be a great job because of their office space, but because you would no doubt be working with team members as creative as yourself.
Personally I will probably never intern or work at Popular Font because Graphic or Website design is not something I have an interest in having a career in. But visiting a workplace like Popular Front does give me a sense of the kind a workplace I would someday like to be apart of, and a little bit clearer image of my future.

A link to visit the Popular Front website is below.

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