Tuesday, November 23, 2010

solving the worlds problems, one biodegradable substance at a time...

Biomimicry is defined as an “emerging discipline that studies nature’s best ideas and then imitates these designs and processes to solve human problems.” (http://www.biomimicry.net/)  
The idea of biomimicry is so cool, just think of how dramatically the world would change  if we took away all of the greenhouse gasses that we were creating and the waste that is eating the ozone layer?  To make biomimicracy happen we need to have different aspects of life working together. One of the examples that we talked about in class that really stuck to me was the snail and the shell. The snail creates its own form of shelter and safety out of nothing, essentially. The idea of making something so vital to your life out of nothing is really cool, what if we applied this to life? If we learned how to create reusable substance that creates no waste and can be repurposed into all sorts of different things.  We could create a substance that would replace plastic, if would be strong, biodegradable and leaves no waste. Our planet would be a happier place if we took away plastic. 
This substance would be able to not only make things such as water bottles, and containers but also things such as toys and cars. It will leave no trace and put us into the right direction to saving the planet. If we start to create materials that not only have multiple purposes and can be used in different situations but also that takes nothing from the earth/ or produces toxins. This substance would be hard and durable and could be used in a lot of areas in life. As an advocate for saving the earth and solving global warming we could completely solve this problem by making substances that are eco-friendly and durable they will last a long time and give us a step in the right direction to solving a lot of world problems that we are having today. 

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