Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Blue Women Group...

Yves Klein
Shaire De Mondo Cane
Dry Pigment Synthetic Resolution Gauze

1. What do I see?
-Women's bodies in blue on a canvas
I see a form of digression.
2. What does it reminds you of?
-Reminds me of X-rays/naked women/infrared technology/photo negative.
3. What feelings-if any does it raise?
4. What questions does it raise?
-WHY?!!!!!!!!!! Do these women have morals? Why did they choose to do this piece?
5. What can you synthesize from this as far as what the content is?
-The beauty of the human body...the [possible] obsession Yves Klein had with women.

My thoughts
-WHen I first saw this piece, I froze. I immediately felt anger, and disgust.
Why? Why is it okay for women to parade around naked covered in paint and pose on a canvas?
I a was/still am disgusted.

KP (and RO)

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  1. Actual Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZSnT4idP4g

    vs. - 1990's critique


    - is this about a beautiful bodies of women?
    - does the video change your perspective?

    without the video - it's about the beauty of the body

    with the video (poisitive)
    withouth (negative)

    - judy chicago's dinner plates: are they really flowers?
    - one thing we all have in common - we have bodies... the human form... it brings you back to basicas - just a huam....

    - what about the way we look at men...
    - gender roles
    -how does this work change over time???

    - does the actual video go with it?
    - the video was kitty corner - sillowetts,
    - I found it offensice to women i thught it was rude to see him stand there - with this orchestra...
    didn't feel appropriiate?
    - were there drugs involved?

    - he didn't just use one shape of womne? _eve was all different types of women
    -but they all had big boobs
    - they were all white?
    - WHY did these women do this?
    - Velomputous
    - i found it stupid.... he's using all the same color - cliche
    he had no intersaction with it -
    how is that you're art work??? - why isn't it the woman's painting?
    -how did he find these women?

    - the color unified it?