Monday, November 22, 2010

Walker Assignment

This is an image of a black and white silent video called An Inventory Of Small Deaths by Rivane Neuenschwander.

When I viewed this, I saw lots of bubbles floating around. I was confused because there wasn't anything near it. It was just floating bubbles. The video reminded me about a birthday party of mine when I was younger. It was bubble themed and I had a big obsession with bubbles as a child. When I saw this video, a bit of confusion and frustration but it also made me feel relaxed because the bubbles were floating around, like they were dancing. Questions I had when I saw this was, why choose a video about bubbles, what is so important about bubbles that they decided to do this?

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  1. group responce
    - 2005: the walker accummulated a lot of work 2000
    - Video: of floating bubbles
    - confused?
    - black and white video of bubbles
    - reminds me of a cemetary and spirits
    - little kids playing?
    - What is the bubble made of? - is it soap, plastics
    - size of bubble
    - Donny Darko
    - is it a lensdes?
    an eye?
    - 'the death of the bubble"
    - was the bubble ever alive?
    - Birth?

    what we know
    - 2000

    what we don't know
    - what was so big about 2005?
    - where is he from??
    - History of 2000 (the year after was big) -
    - Gender of the artist?
    - where was this filmed?
    - what does the bubble represent?