Tuesday, November 23, 2010

curator ro: changing the meaning, all around the world.

I chose to look at sculptures from three different cultures and see how different they would look if they were together.
The first image is Egyptian, the second is a Buddha, and the third is American.
All three cultures have very strong elements in their art that stick out in each piece, you can clearly tell what each culture the art originated but what if you put them in an area together, no labeled, nothing that would tie them back to where they originated what one would think.
Sculpter is a very prominent part of art, it can show what the people look like, their movements and aspects about their life. Ideally my show would be full sculptures from different areas of the world to really gain a unity from art.

I think the meanings would be changed when you think of how you set them up, by incorporating all kinds of pieces from a numerous amount of cultures you could create an atmosphere that incorporates all nations that creates unity. My ultimate goal would be to show that the whole world is connected through art, all share a common voice. 
 The only downfall with my idea is that I did choose pieces with strong cultural affiliations, my show might be more thought provoking if i chose pieces that you couldn't tell the origin from right off the bat, i think that also adding some pieces that were completely unknown and having a balance between the obvious and not so obvious.  I want this show to provoke thought and see how cultures can work together and demonstrate that they all are connected in some way.

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