Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dolphin Oracle II

Dolphin Oracle II
Created by Piotr Szyhalski and Steve Dietz

What do I see?
-I see a simple dolphin, inviting and cute you could say.
What does it reminds you of?
- This reminds me with interactive computer games.
What feelings-if any does it raise?
-When I first encountered this Dolphin.. about a year ago, I felt curiosity, excitement, only to raise frustration, aggravation and irritation.
What questions does it raise?
- Why is it so hard to have a conversation with this dolphin? And it's answers are sort of snotty and stuck up.
What can you synthesize from this as far as what the content is?
-This dolphin was meant for human interaction. It is certainly curious about how humans interact with each other, asking me if holding hands was considered a sign of affection.

My Thoughts.

After my first encounter with this in the Winter of 2008 during a Frida Kahlo exhibit. I was actually curious and excited to interact with this computer dolphin only to become frustrated, aggravated, and certainly irritated when the dolphin shied away from the question I asked or it would ask another one in return. Every time we cross paths, I give it a second chance, become even more upset with it.

1 comment:

  1. group responces
    - reminds me of hitchhike's guide to the galaxy.
    - i like it because it's a dolphin you can talk to?
    - past / nestologic
    - Princesss talks to the animals - Ariel and the
    - the program that responds to you is outdated, slow....
    - there are a ton of these on line already...??
    - I don't like the answers it gives?
    "What is love??" - it said "is holding hands a form of affection?"
    - I think it'ssuppose to be funny
    - a 5 year old... an only child - alone...
    - lonleyness - alone in the black - a mastermind a lone giving the answers
    - so lonly it's trying to be your friend?
    - what cant talk may have answers for things we have questions for?
    - was it made for eterainment for children who don't want to view the art.....

    what do we know?

    - How quickly things become outdated
    - it's a dolhpin that answeres questions?
    - systems that answers questions....
    - at the walker
    - Best Buy made this = corperate art. ( a coperation making art)
    - Why is it even there
    - Does Best buy somnsorit?
    - is there other pieces this artist has made???

    what don't we know?

    - when was it made? is it the same as all the ones on line???

    - Does it database the questions it's asked
    - How many questions are pre-program?
    - Do they update the questions???
    - is there a reason for it's floating....