Monday, November 29, 2010

The Dreadful Dishwasher=Restocking The Ice-Caps...?

My LEAST favorite chore...

loading, and unloading, the dishwasher.

As fabulous as a dishwasher is...I swear it is has it out for me.
The dishwasher decides when the dishes are clean at the most in opportune times. For me at least.
Example A: The dishes are clean now as I write this. My wonderful, yet evil dishwasher is staring me down with the 'Clean Dishes' light burning a BRIGHT crimson red.

What could bio-mimicry do?
Well, if some miraculous thing were to be created..
let us say...a dishwasher that loads it self and puts the dishes away. :-)

But even better,
have you ever wondered where the water goes from the dirty dishes?
What if, we were able to take all the water used, filter it (filter the water until it is 100% purified), then take that water, freeze it, and place it in the ocean-connect it with other ice blocks for the walruses, polar bears, and penguins to enjoy.
Would it not be nice to [at least] try to replace the melted ice caps?
Think about it.
If I could apply bio-mimicry to anything, I would apply it to the above.

KP (and RO)


  1. you gotta say a little more than "nice point" Brian. Why is it a nice point? EXPAND......

  2. All I can think of after reading this is all the cute little penguins and walruses in the Arctic ocean playing on ice caps that were made possible by me running my dishwasher. :) Brilliant.

  3. I am the dishwasher. my dad told us, "why would I but a dishwasher when I have 4?" it is time consuming and tedious due to my need for clean, how about self cleaning dishes, maybe the food remnants and dirt could be eaten away by a form of healthy bacteria, or like, you know how in science rooms at school the goggles were kept in that white cabinet that had the sterilizing backlight things and take out the use of water all together to conserve it all together?