Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Woodshop Bologna

Joseph Beuys, Intuition 1968. wood, graphite, nails

1. Wooden box built together with nail, small, no top. small faint pencil line as if by mistake.
2. This reminds me of the woodshop projects my class made in 7th grade.
3. It makes me a little angry because I don't see why something so childish and lame can be at the Walker. I immediately asked "Whyyyyy is this even here?" 12,000 copies were made of this piece.
4. What is it about this piece that makes Walker consider it art?
5. Perhaps it represents a safe place for things to be placed, maybe the simplicity is the meaning. I do think these are a bit of a stretch because the meaning is so abstract, it can't be taken the same way from every point of view.

Ashley Overholser

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