Monday, November 22, 2010

Walker Art Center -- An art piece I don’t understand


Raymond Hains


Posters on metal mounted on wood

The piece looks like a painted piece of rusted metal and it reminds me of a billboard or something I would see lying on the side of the road. It looks to be made out of old garbage or newspapers.

There is something interesting about seeing this piece -- which looks dirty and old -- inside the white and pristine rooms of the Walker. The piece was made in 1959 -1960, so doing some research on the time and place the artist made the work could give some interesting clues as to the content

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  1. Potentail content / questions / class reactions
    - looked really dirty and rusty, weird to see that piece in the walker?
    - something dirty, old, side walk / old wearhouse
    - makes you mad --> BECAUSE: as a stand along piece.... just a bunch of rusted junk - no context?
    - Propaganda posters from Paris - subtext between the rust and the content of the poster?
    - I like thee rusy feel (like Montana) - habby chique, Down town Detrit
    like the dull colors
    - save metal for the war / leftovers?
    - as are the posters?
    - what is it worth (the aftermath of war)
    - paris o longerthe center for art

    what we know
    - collected political posters and scrap metal - made posters from it

    - French posters
    -post war (recovery)

    what we don't know

    - content of the posters?
    -How old are the posters
    - Post war (recover)
    - Politics of France at this eara?
    -intent? before this was "In a museum" - what was the purpose - for the artist to make this work?
    - was it intended to be in a musueum?