Monday, November 29, 2010

literary depiction of confusion at midway

*click* The door shuts behind you, leaving you totally blind and dumbfounded. It smells earthy and dank like that of a basement, and the alluringly strange sounds of scratches and clanks.
It takes a while for your eyes to adjust, you feel around and almost stumble upon a step, and yet another, and yet another and find yourself in between two reflective box figures each holding a projector screen that displays video footage of people's silhouettes walking their dog, running, holding their child ect. As you move on you almost fall down a step, followed by two more. The erie clanking sounds become more intense and confusion flows in. your eyes adjust and the two boxes you recall standing in between are on top of a pyramid like form at either corners, why three steps? Why corners? Why silhouettes? Why darkness? Why strange sounds, Why this natural stench? You go to sit upon the second step to realize the step has a crumbly texture, grain-ey like the sand and appears to be light in color. You watch and study the video clips now. Why does it appear to be at dawn/dusk? Why not the afternoon? Why gritt-ey film?


Madeline Harr

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  1. Maddie, this description of our visit to the midway is incredible! I felt like I was just brought back through time and wound up back in that dusty and cold room.