Monday, November 1, 2010


If I happened to be made king of the world some day, I would fly all the awesome people to the moon and start a new world in which we use only use biomimicry technology. We would use ant inspired housing using only moon rocks to form our giant house. This ant inspired technology would allow us to regulate temperatures as well as keep the moon’s natural materials. Bioluminescence (like fireflies) would be used to light our homes. Exercise would be required on a regular basis, not only to stay in shape but also to power our home. We would have to import water and all of our food would have to be brought in from earth, but we would keep it organic. It would also help with the simulated atmosphere we would need in order to stay alive, as well as with power much like the soil lamp but on a much larger scale. Along with having a symbiotic relationship with our plants, we would also depend on many animals to help with chores and stuff but we would probably eat them too. Everything we produce will be put to use, and nothing goes to waste. This allows us to keep our home healthy and not wasteful in order to keep our new home safe and last longer, as well as keep the moon as close to the way we found it as we can. So far I have supplied my moon kingdom with a mock atmosphere for breathing, food to eat, water to drink, people for sex, a home to sleep in and be homeostatically satisfied, and our waste can be used for fertilization and such. I have successfully supplied my new kingdom with all the basic human needs, that means my moon-home is sure to be successful.

you're welcome.

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