Monday, November 1, 2010

Tomorrow: Popular Front, Biomimicry Update, never eat old condiments, midterms and vote

Hello Everyone.

1)  Tomorrow I will meet you at Popular Front:   12:30 (section C)  3:25 (section B)
Popular Front

555 First Ave. NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413

phone: 612-362-0900

(My Cell - 612-26-6105)

2)  For those of you who have posted your biomimicry examples - these are some of the best posts yet!  Don't worry if you haven't gotten yours posted yet - you have time because I just made it part of this week's homework as well. 

Choose a problem you'd like to solve, and find or imagine an example of biomimicry as the solution.

thank you to section B for letting me finish the lecture (in the dark).
For those of you needing a re-view, you can find the lecture on the blog:

Links and resources are listed on the last slide, but here they are as hyperlinks
and some new ones:

Bee's are faster than super computers -->
Design bloom has a few articles on this -->

and blog listed:  (not including the sites listed under the images)
•   Janine Benyus shares nature’s designs  (ted talk)

•  Janine Benyus: Biomimicry in action

•  Biomimicry Institute:

•  Ask Nature

•  People’s ideas and inventions (list of articles) – posted by readers :

•  Robert Full on engineering and evolution

•What Business Can Learn About Sustainability from Sea-Monkeys  By Marc Gunther  October 20, 2010


•New sensor derived from frogs may help fight bacteria and save wildlife   - -Sensor uses frog peptides to test for drug and medical device contamination  (Oct. 19, 2010)   Chris Emery

•  15 of the “coolest” examples of Biomimicry:

•  Biomimicry

•  What it Biomimicry:


•  Biomimicry Architecture:

•  Pistol Shrimp:

3.  I'll be sending you the homework later tonight, and have your grades to you  - between tonight an wed morning. 
Later than i wanted to  - but it's in progress. 
I did something really dumb - if mustard doesn't smell right, don't eat it.  I feel really ill  :(  regardless, i will be there tomorrow for our new adventure!  (though, i might still be a little green)  I've been out for the count for the past few hours  - after 8 or so.    Rule of thumb - if it's been in the fridge for over 2 months, get rid of it.  Botcholism is no body's friend.
I do believe I mentioned to at least one group what a great idea it would be with "timed degridation"  that the container would start to decompose - or give you warning when the contents started to become "something new" / bacteria........ Perfect example as of why.
see - this looks like normal mustard, but inside lurks something sinister.

4.  Another fun topic  - Voting! 
this is probably your first election, and a great time to get your first ballot under your belt.  If you're concerned about the cost of education, the arts, government policies that affect the people - here's your chance to take a stand.  If you don't vote, you can't complain.

Many of my students as first time voters have questions - such as - "Who do i vote for?"
you can use this link to help you:

how about 'where do i go to vote?" - the league of women voters can help you, and help you see the ballot before you get to the polls

take care and see you tomorrow!

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