Sunday, November 21, 2010


by Mircea Cantor

In Mircea Cantor's unnerving 16mm silent video entitled Deeparture we find a wolf and a deer placed in an unlikely environment, what looks to be a gallery. It follows the two creatures on a series of closeups and interactions, but unlike you would expect, the animals keep their distance from one another. In fact, they seem to act as if there is no other creature in the room at all. This doesn't, however, ease the tension.  All the while watching this video i stood tense and ready to see blood and gore, not knowing if it would come or not. I stood rigid in anticipation the whole film through.

Mircea Cantor, Deeparture , 2005
(still from video)
Collection Walker Art Center, T. B. Walker Acquisition Fund, 2006

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  1. Both animals are showing extreme emotions of anxiety. Yawning in dogs usually is more about being anxious than tired. and no doubt the panting in both species is examples of this. when I see this work - i think the artist is a jerk.