Sunday, November 14, 2010

Jellyfish is really sometime, isn’t it?

Images of a Moon Jelly

Jellyfish are amazing for they are almost role models for engineering, going to the idea of the fluid dynamics. How jellyfish floats why it flows is due to the idea of question the very idea of “how” or “what”. The fluid dynamics was tested and seen in dye water color which appears to be the fluid flow, and isn’t that amazing. I never knew such thing, because apparently the eye is invisible to it because it is transparent.

The concept of the way the jellyfish swims in the water applies to engineering by asking what makes a jellyfish form certain forms, like the currents of swirls, and because of this, engineering is though of ways to build underwater vehicles that do the same thing. Biomimicry really is a new exposure to nature, I’m so surprise because I never knew that just by looking and observing the ways of a creature, you can get inspired and even incorporate almost the same aspect. AMAZING! Nature that is.

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